Born and Raised in Los Angeles

  Founded in 2016, we are a group of family and friends working together towards a common goal. Started by my wife and I, we decided to invest all our money into something we could grow together. With no formal education in business and just a high school diploma we had no idea what we where getting ourself into. Before starting our own business we both worked regular jobs and decided we wanted a little more from life. I spent a year at SMC where I realized I didn't have enough self discipline to follow through with school and eventually graduate. Ever since a little kid I was always interested in technology and the way it has shaped our world into what it is today. I developed a passion for cellphones my junior year in high school because of thee emergence of social media. Always trying to have the latest and greatest gadgets I started selling my old phones in order to buy the ones coming out. Eventually I notice that selling used phones was a good way of making money and my interest in business was born. I bought and sold phones after high school for the next 3 years where I learned everything there is to know about phones. During this process I learn that by me fixing my own phones I would be able to make a bigger profit and so I started repairing. 7 years and two beautiful children later, my wife and I sold both our cars and invest all our savings in order to open our first location in Downtown LA. Our journey has been hard but enjoyable, we have learned a lot about business and about each other. We now have 3 locations open in less than one year and its all thanks to my brother Kevin and cousin Erick who share our vision for the future. Our business has a long way to go, we make mistakes everyday and we are in no way, shape, or form successful yet. We may one day Fail, But until then we will continue to work non-stop so that one day we can say "We made it". 


Brian | Erick | Kris | Yessi | Kevin | Patty